Teenagers and Communication Devices

Teenage forms of communication such as messaging, texting, talking on mobile phones, and playing electronic games can make teens less communicative towards the people they live with. In today's world though, forbidding all use of electronic devices is unrealistic. Parents need to look at the big picture and, if their teenager is doing okay at school, doing requested chores at home and not completely retreating from family life, it's probably best to allow some leeway. 

It's okay to set reasonable limits such as no texting or phone calls during meal times and homework time. Establishing a rule that electronic devices have to be off one hour before bedtime, especially during the week, is a way to ensure that teens get enough sleep. It's helpful for teens to pay for their own mobile phone usage. It is also appropriate to try to monitor what your teen does when online especially when using social media. 

I recommend that you check out and use parental internet controls and software to monitor the use of any questionable websites. Parents have the right to do this  as they are the boss, particularly if they have bought the electronic device, and when teens are living at home without paying board or rent.