Homework Strategies

Are you always on your secondary school adolescent's back noticing that they never seem to have any homework? Then there is panic when they inform you that the homework deadline is up and nothing has been done.You also notice that nothing is written in their diary.

Saw a good idea the other day when the teacher wrote the homework task on the whiteboard and encouraged the students to photograph the task written on the whiteboard on to their iPhones. The students were encouraged to show this to their parents that night. The deadline dates are recorded on the calendar at home and parents and adolescent are very clear on expectations. 

Visual cues such as this are particularly useful for students who have difficulty interpreting information from another source accurately. The above strategy does depend on the teacher writing down the homework task. Often students are more confused when the instruction is given orally. Visual cues and visual schedules are also particularly beneficial for students who have autism which helps them to be better organised and gives them predictability.