• Registered Psychologist, New Zealand Psychologists’ Board.
  • Certified DISCO diagnostician, Lorna Wing Centre for Autism (National Autistic Society), Bromley, Kent, England.
  • Diploma in Educational Psychology, Auckland.
  • Master of Arts (Hons), Auckland.
  • Bachelor of Education, Waikato.
  • Diploma in Teaching, Waikato.


Ray has considerable New Zealand and international experience as an Educational Psychologist, working with children from birth to six years old, with primary school children, with secondary school children, and with adults, in the areas of:

Diagnosis and assessment of, and intervention for, children and adults with special needs, including autism:
  • Behaviour management,
  • Gifted and talented education,
  • Intellectual disability,
  • Physical disability.

Ray assesses specific learning difficulties and provide a Special Assessment Conditions (SACs) Declaration for NZQA to enable assistance for students sitting exams.

He runs parenting courses for small and large groups.

Ray was the "radio psychologist", Westland, New Zealand.

Having been a classroom teacher for many years, prior to training as an Educational Psychologist, Ray is able to give practical assistance, to teachers and principals alike, in classroom management for children with disabilities and those with challenging behaviours.

As a sports psychologist, Ray has worked with tennis, croquet, golf, and football players, and track and field athletes.

He has worked in an advisory capacity on working parties (committees) formulating governmental policies in New Zealand and in Ireland.

Ray have considerable management experience.